Why use a concrete pump?

Why are many contractors choosing to pump concrete to construction sites using a concrete pump? What advantages do they delight in that other concrete contractors don't? The following are some of the reasons why concrete pumping creates a noteworthy impact in any construction project.

Cost and time savings

A concrete pump pours concrete a lot faster and more precisely with reduced labour compared to any other technique. On site, concrete pumping allows the reallocation of valuable employees to other duties to accelerate the pour and eliminates the need for manual labour to transport concrete batches in wheelbarrows or buckets. Additionally, contractors can discharge an increased number of ready-mix trucks in minimal time using a concrete pump, allowing for the completion of more jobs per day.

Furthermore, contractors can enjoy the advantage of high quality and precise concrete pouring. There's little or no wastage of concrete mix during the pouring process. Whether the task involves pouring concrete mix in high-rise buildings or in foundation slabs, these pumps provide a high quality concrete pour free of any leftover lumps and spills along the way.

Minimal down time

Scheduling is a very important aspect of any concrete pour. Down time is a no-no on any busy construction site. Contractors using the right equipment pour concrete efficiently, irrespective of time of day, weather or work site conditions. The consistent flow of concrete from the pump also improves finisher productivity due to the absence of delays and interruptions. As opposed to human labour, pumps come to work on time and never complain about fatigue or exhaustion.


Concrete pumping promotes on-the-job safety. Generally, ready-mix trucks are parked at the curb, away from excavations, embankments and other risky obstructions and you can pour concrete exactly where it's needed.  Additionally, pumps ease congestion on the work site better compared to other methods, promoting job efficiency as well as safety. Fewer risks and an increasingly ergonomic process are advantages to your personnel that can help you entice and retain valuable workers.


Concrete pumping allows you to handle a variety of jobs which you can complete efficiently. Whether you own one or a complete fleet, concrete pumps open an array of opportunities. Whether on a notable skyscraper or at ground level, pumps allow the job to be done right. Indeed, concrete pumpers boast of a wide range of selections for myriad applications, including:

  • Mid-rise buildings
  • High-rise buildings
  • Residential pours
  • Industrial
  • Light commercial
  • Bridge decks
  • Tunneling
  • Post tension slabs
  • Patios
  • Footings
  • Pools
  • Slope paving
  • Indoor pours
  • Mat pours

Looking ahead, concrete contractors who adopt the use of concrete pumps can expect better customer satisfaction and increased opportunities. Visit Hunter Concrete Pump Hire for more information.

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