Which Concrete Core Drill Will Complete the Job Faster?

Are you planning to perform a concrete core-drilling project in order to install an HVAC system in an extension to your home? Do you want to rent a diamond core-drilling machine that will help you to complete the job quickly? Read on and discover some of the helpful attributes that you should look for when renting a diamond core drill for that project.

Suction Anchors

Concrete core drills are usually anchored onto a firm base so that the drill bit remains centered during the drilling process. Some drills are anchored into holes that are cut through the surrounding floor. Cutting those anchor holes takes time and delays the completion of the project. You can avoid this loss of time by renting a drill that is equipped with suction anchors. Those anchors hold the drill in place by using a vacuum base to keep the drill firm on the ground. This allows you to start drilling the desired holes as soon as the machine is at your worksite.

LED Performance Lights

Some concrete core-drilling machines have LED lights that can alert you to go faster or to slow down so that the equipment operates at its optimum level. Such a system can help you to complete the job faster because you may have been so cautious that you selected a drill speed that would have made you to take a very long time to complete drilling the holes.

Leveling Bubbles

You should also rent a drill that has leveling bubbles on its controls. Those bubbles give you a visual reminder each time the drill bit is going off-center. Drill bits that are off-center lose most of their energy to the walls of the core that is being drilled. Consequently, it will take much longer to complete the job if you are not aware that your drill bit has strayed off-center. The leveling bubbles prevent that loss of time by showing you when you should adjust an off-center drill bit.

Aluminium Stands

Drill stands are made from different materials. For instance, some are made from steel. Others are made from aluminium. It is better for you to select a drill that has an aluminium stand. Such a stand will be easy to lift from one place to another. This ease of transferring the drill will enable you to complete your task sooner than if you had to take frequent breaks due to fatigue from carrying a drill with a steel stand. 

Find a drill that has the features above and you will be able to complete the job much faster than you would have if you hadn't selected a drill with several time-saving features.

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