4 Types of Concrete Kerbing You Can Select From

Homeowners who wish to install kerbing on their property may be uncertain about how to proceed because they don't know what options they have to select from. This article discusses some of the concrete kerbing options that you can consider during your home improvement project.

18-Inch Vertical Kerbing

The 18-inch vertical kerbing has only 6-inches that are visible above grade. The rest of the kerbing (12-inches) lies beneath the ground. This type of kerbing is very durable because the section that is below the surface provides a strong base for the section that is above the ground. This kind of kerbing is ideal if you don't foresee the need to remove this concrete in a short time.

6-Inch Kerbing

Another option that you can consider is the 6-inch concrete kerbing. This type of concrete kerbing is poured above grade and is usually six-inches wide. The kerbing isn't as durable as the 18-inch kerbing. Its limited strength makes it ideal for low-traffic areas, such as marking the walkways within your garden. It is also suitable for temporary applications, such as marking a border around a growing tree. Such kerbing can be removed as the tree becomes bigger and occupies a larger footprint.

Gutter and Kerbing Combination

You may also pour kerbing on top of a gutter so that water can be channeled into a catch basin. The kerbing is usually 6-inches wide and 6-inches high. The gutter may be about two-feet wide. The kerbing normally has about 10-inches extending deep into the ground. This makes this type of kerbing as durable as the 18-inch kerbing. The added advantage of this type is that it is stronger due to its connection with the concrete gutter.

"S" Kerbing

"S" concrete kerbing also has 6-inches visible while 12-inches are hidden beneath the surface. However, "S" kerbing has a sidewalk poured at the same time as the kerbing so that the entire structure is one solid unit. This type of kerbing is ideal for driveways and landscaping commercial properties that have extensive lawns. The sidewalk provides a clearly demarcated surface on which people can walk instead of walking on the grass.

As you can see from the discussion above, many concrete kerbing options exist today. You therefore need to talk to a kerbing expert so that you can be helped to select the type that is most suitable for your application. You can then decide whether to hire a professional to pour the kerbing or do it yourself.

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