Four Important Precautions for Installing Commercial Concrete Kerbing

If you would like to replace the old and worn-out kerbing on your commercial property, you should think about using concrete as your construction material. Concrete kerbs are beneficial for heavy-traffic environments because they can withstand the stress of constant use and impact. Alternative materials might be prone to breakage and general wear. Moreover, concrete can be modified to improve visual appeal. If you are interested in this type of commercial kerbing, consider these guidelines for a functional and long-lasting feature.

Choose Good Materials

You should choose the right materials for your commercial kerb. When planning for this project, it is important to understand that different types of concrete mixes can be utilised. If the wrong material is selected, it will be prone to premature failure. The most important consideration for choosing the concrete mix is strength. One of the most popular choices is low-slump concrete. This material has exceptional strength, and it is ideal when building extruded kerbing.

Consult on Profiles

There are different types of standard profiles for concrete kerbs. You should evaluate the design options before commissioning the construction work. When choosing a profile, you should determine if you would like it to be mountable by vehicles. Commercial kerbs around landscapes, driveways and parking lots can be mountable or semi-mountable. Alternatively, you can have a complete barrier that limits movement across the kerbing. In addition to the mounting factor, consider the ease of drainage. If your property is prone to flooding, you must ensure that the kerb profile maximises water movement.

Consider Reinforcement

It is advisable to discuss the reinforcement of the commercial kerb with your concrete contractor. These features often experience a lot of stress after installation. For instance, there will be impact by commercial vehicles, and mountable kerbs will experience a lot of pressure from the automobile weight. If the structures are not strong enough, they will degrade or break down fast. The use of reinforcing materials such as fibres could improve the strength of the kerbing and extend the service life.

Think About Appeal

The appearance of the concrete kerbing will influence the overall appeal of the commercial landscape. You should make sure that this new feature will not compromise the aesthetic value of your property. In general, it is possible to paint the kerbing after installation and curing. However, the coating will need constant refreshing due to gradual wear. If you would like to colour the kerbing permanently, you should plan on using integral colours in the concrete mix. 

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