How Is Stencilled Concrete Made for a Driveway?

Concrete is a relatively smart choice for a home as it won't break the bank. If you want to upgrade your driveway, concrete will create a durable surface that can cope with harsh weather and car traffic. However, grey cement can look boring. Instead, why not consider stencilled concrete? To help you learn more about this option, here's how it's made.

Paper Stencils

First, the cement needs to be poured. Then, before it's set, contractors lay paper stencils over the driveway. These come in large rolls, like a massive roll of lunch wrap. The stencils have been pre-cut into distinct patterns, such as a flagstone or a basket-weave design. Eventually, the entire driveway will be covered with strips of paper stencils. The contractors will press a special roller into the concrete to embed them into the surface. You can choose from a wide range of stencil designs for the driveway.

Colour Hardeners

The next stage involves applying colour hardeners in one or several shades. These come in powder form, and the contractors will sprinkle handfuls over the paving. Layering multiple colours will create a blend and make the driveway look organic, like brick or stone. To create the appearance of bricks, they'll scatter reds, ambers and tans. Or blues, browns and greys may imitate slate.

The paper stencil will hide parts of the concrete, giving the impression of grout. If you want a specific colour grout, pigments are added to the concrete before pouring, a process termed "integrally coloured concrete." You can precisely match the driveway to your house in a way you can't if you lay pavers in preset hues.


Another step the contractors may take is applying texture to the concrete, if you've specified this look. They can push a large broom-sized textured roller over the concrete to imprint grooves into it. Alternatively, they can press seamless texture mats onto the concrete.

The benefit of a stencilled concrete driveway is that you have control at every step. By choosing a particular stencil pattern, colour palette and texture, you can match the paving to the landscape. You can create intricate designs using a combination of colours to mimic natural elements. But you can also select a simple design, such as dark grey paving with a diamond pattern and cream faux grout. Bear in mind that your design choices will affect the construction costs. Elaborate paving will require more work than straightforward styles.

For more info about concrete driveways, contact a local concreter. 

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